Disable fixed navigation DIVI theme

Since the WEB2.0 is released we have we have many reason to keep the fixed header with navigation. The concept of fixing the navigation while scrolling is a boom and lovable by users too. It makes the navigation visual even if the page is scroll so that user can easily browse next page when start feeling boring to read. The most interesting part is sometimes you don’t care about the latest trend or latest functionality. You only care about is client’s requirements. You have to kill your desire what you want show up with the website to impressed client but client simply rejects it and ask you to remove that functionality.

How to disable fixed navigation DIVI theme

Disable fixed navigation is not really hard if you are working on a theme built from scratch. But what it would be like if you have to work with premium theme like DIVI. The most powerful UI interface theme. There are many other theme similar to what DIVI theme is providing (For eg: Avada) but in this case I am using DIVI theme to built a website where one of the requirement is to disable fixed navigation DIVI theme.
Follow the simple steps to disable fixed navigation DIVI theme.

  • Login to your Dashboard with Administrator account
  • Go to Divi Option under the setting
  • Click on General setting under the ePanel logo
  • Scroll down to see the fixed navigation box widget where it says “This is Enabled”
  • Single click on it to make it disabled
  • Now scroll down until you see save button and hit save


Hope you find it helpful.
Thanks for reading.

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