Re-Installing codedeploy agent in linux sever

Login to you linux server

Check if codedeploy agent installed.

sudo codedeoploy-agent status

Remove any existing if already installed.

 sudo yum erase codedeploy-agent

Remove any remaining logs at opt folder

cd /opt
sudo rm -r codedeploy-agent/

cd /etc/init.d 
sudo rm -r codedeploy-agent

Install wget and codedeploy agent on instance using aws document. You can change the region as per your own region. You need to make sure the code deploy-agent is uninstalled completely if you are reinstalling.

sudo yum -y install wget

sudo chmod +x ./install
sudo ./install auto

Without having to re-install you can also delete all logs at deployment-root folder and restart the codedeploy-agent again.

cd /opt/codedeploy-agent/deployment-root
sudo rm -r -f *

sudo service codedeploy-agent status
sudo service codedeploy-agent stop
sudo service codedeploy-agent start

To check codedeploy logs:

cd /opt/codedeploy-agent/deployment-root/deployment-logs
cat codedeploy-agent-deployments.log

To see log data in windows server


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