Customizing woocommerce in wordpress

Woocommerce is the best plugin for shopping cart based WordPress website. Now a days many premium themes as well as people who want to make an online store use this plugin in their wordpress website. Woocommerce is very easy to setup and easy to customized. Customizing woocommerce in wordpress needs only a simple plugin download and upload it to your plugin directory.
Just go to your Dashboard->Plugins-> Add New -> Install the woocommerce plugin
install woocommerce wordpress

After installing woocommerce plugin you would like to customized the woocommerce UI according to your theme. That requires and extra easy setup. You just need to visit your plugin directory inside the woocommerce folder, copy whole template folder.
templates woocommerce customized

Customizing woocommerce in wordpress

After copying the template folder go to your theme folder and paste it inside your theme folder.
wordpress theme folder woocommerce

After pasting template folder and its inside files inside your theme folder you need to rename it with “woocommerce” so that it will replace all the template files inside the plugin/woocommerce/templates folder.
template rename to woocommerce

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