Simple Query post wordpress

A simple query post wordpress to display post in any format you desire. Basically sometime you may need to call some limited number of post with specific category in certain place of your home page or any other template. This will require you to do some hand coding of wordpress inbuilt php function. WordPress has […]

Create child theme in wordpress

Create child theme in wordpress is a best way of working with Premium themes. Child theme inherit all the functionality of parent theme. Here parent theme is the theme that we bought from online or the theme that is updated frequently. We have to work with child theme in order to keep our code updated. […]

conditional statement featured image

WordPress featured image allow you to upload an image inside your dashboard post and pages. The featured image box is usually on the bottom right corner(may be you need to scroll down to see the box when you land to add new page). Sometimes we don’t have feature image and our area for the feature […]

WordPress home page directory

WordPress has a lots of dynamically generating URL code. Sometime moving your wordpress from localhost to online server you might face a lots of URL editing manually. To overcome this issue we can use the default wordpress home page directory, that holds the URL of wordpress home page directory. WordPress home page directory php code […]