TODO application with Javascript and localstorage

Todo application with Javascript and localstorage. I have build this small application using vanilla JavaScript.

Demo link

Git Hub link

Special thank to ID generator code from codepen.

I have used the Id generator code from above codepen url, that helped me to generate unique ID everytime I enter data. I hope you will like it.

Convert HTML entity code script

Sometimes when dealing with API response we get HTML entity tag as well. For eg:

In order to fix this kind of issue we can use a simple javascript snippet.

function convertHTMLEntity(text){
    const span = document.createElement('span');
    return text
    .replace(/&[#A-Za-z0-9]+;/gi, (entity,position,text)=> {
        span.innerHTML = entity;
        return span.innerText;

Compare identical array

How to compare identical array

                var userOrder =  ["sort_one","sort_two","sort_three","sort_four","sort_five"];
		var correctOrder = ["sort_one","sort_two","sort_three","sort_four","sort_five"];
		function arraysEqual(arr1, arr2) {
		    if(arr1.length !== arr2.length)
		        return false;
		    for(var i = arr1.length; i--;) {
		        if(arr1[i] !== arr2[i])
		            return false;

		    return true;
if(arraysEqual(correctOrder, userOrder) == true){console.log("array match with position")}else{console.log("not match")}