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Install nodeJS

In this post we are going to know how to install NodeJS in your system.
To install nodeJS, simply download the software from here. Check your system type and download the appropriate software.

How to install nodejs

After installing nodeJS, go to start menu and type “command” and click on it. A small window will appear with a black background.
Command prompt

Type npm in your command panel to see if its packages are working or not. It should shows like below screen.

If it didn’t recognize your “npm” code then try to set the path variables. To set a path follow below procedure.
To set path.

  1. Right click on My computer.
  2. Click on Advanced system settings
  3. Under Advance tab click on Environmental variables at bottom right.
  4. Click on New… from the top box.
  5. Variable name: PATH
  6. Variable value must be the path of your npm folder.

Folder format

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