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Install coffee script in windows

Coffee script is a platform for Javascript where we have to code less and output more. It is the compiler language like SASS and COMPASS.

Install Node.js

In order to install coffee script in windows, please download a NODE.JS and install it in your window PC.
After that go to the command prompt. To open command prompt open your start menu and type Command.
A black screen will appear.Command prompt

Installing Coffee script in windows

npm install -g coffee-script

Your output
Install coffee Script

Congrulations you have successfully install coffee script in windows.
To know more details about compiling, please go through the link Coffee Script Compiler for Windows

Santosh Shah

I am a JavaScript developer having enthusiasm on most frontend skills like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, node, gulp, angular etc. I love exploring new techniques and like to learn new technologies to keep my self up to date.

Reader Comments

  1. I installed node, but when i open command prompt and enter “npm” command, it says “npm is not recognised as an internal or external command….”

    1. Hi Amit,

      It is because you need to set the PATH variable in your Environmental variable option.

      To set path.
      1) Right click on My computer.
      2) Click on Advanced system settings
      3) Under Advance tab click on Environmental variables at bottom right.
      4) Click on New… from the top box.
      5) Variable name: PATH
      6) Variable value must be the path of your npm folder.
      In my case it is

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