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Change download folder chrome

Change download folder chrome

In my experience my c drive was only given about 50 GB and it was almost full. I am afraid if it do not get more disturb by downloads and all. To do not give a lot of pressure on c drive its a good idea to change the default location of download folder.

How to change download folder chrome

Follow the below steps to change download folder chrome.

  1. Click on menu icon on the top right corner of the chrome browser
  2. Click on “Setting” option inside the dropdown.
  3. A new page will appear with “chrome://settings/” address
  4. Scroll down to see “Show advanced settings…” and click on it.
  5. Find “Downloads” title. You will see a text box with default location mention inside it.
  6. Edit the path
  7. Chrome automatically saves your input, you don’t have to hit enter or press anything.

By following these above steps your download files will be saved in your custom location.

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