This post is going to show you how to add a multiple images article page drupal easily via some settings. Drupal is a very large CMS based website. A lot of functions are built in but we may not know all of them. Between all of those setting in this post I will show you how you can easily add multiple images article page drupal. This can be done in other nodes.

How to add multiple images article page drupal ?

Just login to your drupal admin and follow below path and click on “Images”

Structure -> Content Types -> Article -> Manage fields -> images

Now click scroll down to see “IMAGE FIELD SETTINGS” just like the screenshot above. Change the dropdown that says “Number of values” to your desire or set “unlimited” to upload unlimited number of images.
After doing this just hit the save button check your article.

Note: Once you insert your first image in article then only it will allow you to add another image.

Also you can create a slideshow of multiple image. Download field slideshow drupal plugin.

Structure -> Content Types -> Article -> Manage Display


Change the setting of Image format from “Image” to “slideshow” like screenshow above.
Now if you already uploaded the multiple images in your nodes then you could see a slideshow with a fade effects running in your beautiful page.

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